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PMR – Together Is The Only Way Forward

25 Jun 2023 6:15 AM | Anonymous

AARDA is happy to announce PMR Inc.’s Platinum level sponsorship for our AGM Convention on September 15-16 2023. As a proud Canadian company centred around innovation and collective success, PMR Inc. is proud to stand by professional associations with the same mentality.

Melissa Sullivan, Director of Supplier Services & Compliance at PMR, will be presenting on Saturday, September 16 at 10:45 a.m.

“At PMR, we foster a culture of support, collaboration, and respect with our suppliers, and we’re motivated by their successes.” – Melissa Sullivan

We believe that the only way forward is to pave a different path. That’s why we’re constantly researching and developing new methods and processes to provide reliable solutions for all converter recyclers.

“We challenge our suppliers to look at their converter operations in a different light and maximize their business’s efficiencies.” – Ryan Carrafiello, Director of Corporate Accounts

We’ve invested in innovative machinery and refining processes to establish the first turnaround rate of 10-15 days and the lowest lot requirements in the industry. We were the first to develop and launch VIN/TRIM, a pricing tool to help automotive recyclers elevate their edge at auction and stay competitive in today’s market.

But above all, we believe that the only way forward is together, and that’s why we work arm-in-arm with our suppliers. With a dedicated HelpDesk team, recyclers can access personalized assistance that helps them identify their unique needs and choose a solution that works for them.

“At PMR, we strive for innovation and success. These values shine in each member of our team.” – Valerie Drouin, Supplier Services Supervisor

Canada’s reputation doesn’t fall short on PMR. We care about uplifting and empowering our partners so we can all achieve our goals. Our responsibility in preserving the global supply chain and working towards a sustainable future means we’re all working towards a collective goal. That’s why PMR is proud to sponsor a Canadian industry non-profit with the same values and forward-thinking instinct.

“We never settle. Our comfort zone is the unknown.” – Justin Morselli, Supplier Services Specialist

We’re passionate about what we do, and that’s why we care about empowering recyclers with knowledge, assistance, and solutions to help them unlock their potential and realize their goals. At PMR, we are converter experts who believe that true progress only happens outside the box.

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