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For several years now, the Association of Alberta Recyclers Dealers Association (AARDA) and the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) have been championing the "Green Recycled Parts" initiative. This concerted effort encompasses a broad spectrum of activities—from engaging with the trade and consumers through advertising to advocating with industry leaders and government bodies and forging connections with regional media.

The impact? "Green Recycled Parts" is steadily becoming a household name, a trusted brand synonymous with environmental responsibility and quality. And here lies a golden opportunity for you, our valued AARDA members. By embracing the "Green Recycled Parts" marketing framework, you can amplify your presence and propel your business forward right in your community.

We've put together a suite of straightforward tools designed to streamline your journey as the ambassador for "Green Recycled Parts" within your locality. These tools are here to bolster your standing as an industry authority, to help you meet the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly options, and, ultimately, to establish your business as the premier recycling destination.

Let's make every part count. Let's go green together with:

  • A guide on effective marketing strategies (link coming soon)
  • A wealth of resources and downloadable content (link coming soon)
  • Access to professional photos to showcase your recycling prowess (link coming soon)
  • And the option to order your very own Green Parts brochures (link coming soon)

Together, we can make a difference—one part at a time.

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