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Transitioning your vehicle sustainably

When it's time to part with your vehicle, whether for a sale or a charitable donation, entrust it to a certified AARDA Recycler for a conscientious farewell.

Seek the premier choice with retire your ride

Retire Your Ride offers an unrivalled vehicle buyback program that benefits the environment and your finances. Endorsed as the official program by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, it's a partnership solely with Certified Auto Recyclers adhering to rigorous protocols for end-of-life vehicle management.

Easily submit your details online and let certified local recyclers compete, ensuring you secure the top cash offer for your vehicle. Discover more or begin the sale process by visiting the Retire Your Ride website.

Chart a course to Car Heaven

Car Heaven stands alone as a national charity-focused initiative committed to environmental integrity by collaborating exclusively with recyclers who honour the Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code. Our streamlined process is designed for your convenience.

Reach out to us, or complete our online form; we'll handle the rest, coordinating with a recycler in your locality to meticulously manage every aspect. Learn more or initiate your vehicle's donation on the Car Heaven website.

Assured excellence in recycling

Our members proudly uphold the Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code, setting the gold standard in eco-friendly vehicle recycling.

Your choice matters

The destination for your vehicle's final chapter holds significant weight. Choose wisely to avoid contributing to ecological harm. Some operations may only seek the metal value, neglecting the environmental toll of unrecovered toxic substances and disregarding recyclable components.

In contrast, AARDA-affiliated recyclers in Alberta exemplify environmental stewardship. Their state-of-the-art recycling practices ensure each vehicle is reclaimed fully, with a minimal ecological footprint, validated by independent audits to align with the Canadian Auto Recyclers’ Environmental Code.

When deciding the fate of your vehicle, whether for monetary gain or charitable contribution, trust only an AARDA-affiliated recycler to handle it with the care and respect our planet deserves.

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